WAEC 2018/19 MAY/JUNE English Language 2 (Essay), English Language 1 (Objective), English Language 3 (Oral) QUESTIONS and ANSWERS


Thursday, 12th April, 2018
English Language 2 (Essay) – 09:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
English Language 1 (Objective) – 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
English Language 3 (Essay)**/*** – 3:00 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.







The show was under the iroko tree which depicts a village setting which allows everyone to witness.

His three aides who were present were part of the pranks.

He knew that there were no bullets in those guns his aides were holding.

The American tourist wanted to prove the possibility of someone receiving a bullet shot and still remains unharmed.

The magician would have died.

He ran away quickly.

(i) Adjectival clause
(ii) It qualifies the noun “feats”

(i) feats – skills
(ii) aides – assistants
(iii) steadied – positioned
(iv) mystified – perplexed
(v) unscathed – unharmed
(vi) hasty- hurried


(i)The individual addict which lead them to psychotic behavior.
(ii) The families of the addict who also suffer abuse from the addicted member of their family.
(iii) The society Which also spend huge amount of resources combating crime caused by addicted person.

(i) Educating the children while in school on the danger of drug abuse.
(ii) By empowering the law enforcement agencies adequately.
(iii) The early treatment of the drug addicted person.


(1) You are dissatisfied with some practices in your school. Write a letter to your friend in another school discussing at least three of these practices and the improvement you desire

(2) Write an article suitable for publication in national newspaper on the high cost of living, suggesting at least ways in which the government of your country can tackle the problem.

(3) Write a letter to the chairman of the Environmental Protection Agency on the effects of illegal felling of trees and suggest ways to remedy the situation.

(4) You are the main speaker in a debate on the topic: Children of literate parents perform better at school than those of illiterate parents. Write your arguments for Or against the motion.

(5) Write a story to illustrate the saying: A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.


Ada was a little taken aback with the speed of Ebuka’ s marriage, but could not grudge him the happiness . She was however a little impatient to take her relationship with Chike to the next level . She started noticing that Chike was always a little evasive about any talks about marriage. She soon confronted him about it and gave him an ultimatum . He broke down and confessed that he was a married man . He had married a rich but ugly girl six years back . He said he had done this for money and had signed an agreement with the girl’ s father promising to stay married till such time they had a male child , in which case he could divorce his wife and walk away with half the money. Otherwise he would have to stay married to the girl till such time that one of them died .
Ada was shocked and a little disgusted with Chike . She realized that she had been foolish and fallen for empty flattery and good looks . She was devastated to think that she had hurt a nice person like Ebuka for a shallow person like Chike , for whom the sacred bond of marriage did not mean anything. As she walked off from Chike she realized that ” A bird in hand is worth two in the bush ” . The realization was however too little and too late .
One day Juliet and Geetha were on their way to write an important exam and were waiting at the bus stop. All the buses were crowded but since they had to reach the examination hall on time. Juliet insisted that they travel by one of the buses. Geetha was not interested. She kept insisting that a less crowded bus would come along and that they should wait for one since they had a lot of time. Geetha wanted to travel by a bus which offered them seats to sit.
Juliet was uneasy since she knew that with the passage of time buses could only get more crowded. She tried to reason it out with Geetha who refused to listen. Juliet was angry with Geetha and decided to board the bus that came next. She did not want to be late for the exam. Because of her timely decision, Juliet took a bus which was crowded and reached the exam-hall in time. She wrote the exam with peace of mind. She came out in flying colour.
Geetha waited for the next half an hour but there was no sign of the bus that she wanted to take. She was getting anxious as she realized that a lot of time had elapsed. Finally a bus arrived but it was so crowded that Geetha could not even get in. Geetha realized her foolishness. But it was too late and she had to finally catch a taxi to travel to her destination. She not only lost valuable money by spending more but also lost out on precious time by landing up late for her exam. Because of coming late to the exam-hall, Geetha did not write her exam with a peace of mind. She was nervous and tense through out the exam. Although she went through the exam with the minimum marks, she was not happy with her performance in that particular exam.
Juliet on the other hand had reached on time and was able to write her exam well. A Bird in Hand is Worth Two in the Bush.

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