President Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday asked the opposition leader, Raila Odinga to explain his plan for Kenya instead of making unfounded rigging claims.
Speaking in Narok, Uhuru accused Raila of not having a plan for the country and did not achieve anything while in power.
“Our opponents have no credible agenda for Kenya.
They cannot tell us they will deliver change when they failed to achieve anything meaningful when they were running the government,” Uhuru said.
The Head of State also said that the former Prime Minister was only employing politics of threats to try and derail the August poll.
He challenged the NASA presidential candidate to tell Kenyans what plans he has to build on the progress Kenya has achieved in the last four years.
He said his government had created over 2.4 million jobs in the last four years and plans to create an additional 6.5 million in the next five years.
“We have achieved a lot of progress in the last four years but there is much work to be done and that is why I am urging Kenyans to allow us to continue with the work we have started,” Kenyatta said.
The President asked the people to turn out in large numbers and vote for progress.