If you started reading, you are already lucky. No matter how old are you and regardless your relationship status, read this story. It is a real story that reaches the actual value of every relationship and in the same time will find out you how to save your money and your heart.

“ One day I got home from work and I run to my wife. I grab her hand, told her to sit and then I told her that I want a divorce.

At first sign, she has no reaction. She was standing in the same place for a couple minutes and then continued with her household tasks. That evening we did not talk. I heard she cried and she asked what she did wrong.

She did not do anything wrong at all, but it was all up to me. I was basically in love with another lady, named Joan. I did not see my wife as before, I did not love her, so I knew that separation and divorce is the right thing.

She wished the next month to spend together along with our son. Our son had challenging exam period then and the most important for him was our support.

She knew that our son found out we are getting divorced then he will not pass the examinations. We had to act like absolutely nothing happened. I agreed.

Every day I had to take her in my arms to the front door. We had no physical contact, just this task. Our boy was happy.

As time passed I noticed that my wife was not the same. She lost weight, she got wrinkles and she appeared without energy. She was still the exact same woman I fell in love years ago, she was the lady that gave me a child and created a home from our house. That month I saw her every day and I totally forgot about Joan.