JAMB Mock Exam: See what you could expect

We see thatYouthloadites are now gearing up for the upcoming JAMB Mock Exam coming up this Saturday, 8th April, 2017.

The great thing is that the smartest of candidates have access to, and know how to use all 3 of the above highlighted platforms. But like we always say, which ever platform you use, as long as you practice daily, Youthloaded will have you covered, and you will Pass your JAMB UTME this 2017.

We see you’re putting a lot to make sure you are reading for the coming JAMB Mock Exam. While that is the absolute right thing to do, please don’t expect too much.

Although participants in the Mock exam will be able to have a feel of the new technologies implemented by JAMB, Remember that the Mock Exam was set out by JAMB to “Test Their Systems”, and to ensure a hitch free conduct on the actual days of exam. Please don’t think JAMB is doing you a favour.

Please don’t expect that the questions you see in the Mock Exam, are the exact same questions you will see in the actual exams in May.

We expect JAMB to bring out only the simplest of questions for the Mock, and we don’t even expect that questions from the new Novel “In Dependence” will be set at all. This is only our (Youthloaded) Opinion.

We are only trying to encourage all those who will be writing the JAMB Mock Exam, and to let them know they should keep reading and practising, even after the Mock Exam. You CAN NOT let your guard down!

Do your best and leave the rest to God.