JAMB has instructed that only accredited JAMB CBT Centres, tasked with conducting the actual UTME exams, will henceforth be the only authorised centres for registering candidates for the exams.

This decision by the board has led to the disqualification of most cyber cafes and business centres, that would usually register candidates for UTME exams.

In as much as a whole lot of centres have been disqualified, a few of them only need little upgrade to attain the status of becoming an accredited JAMB CBT Centre. www.youthloaded.com.ng has now brought you exclusive information on how to proceed to become an accredited JAMB CBT Agent.

Becoming an accredited JAMB CBT centre will enable you;
1. Get access code to register UTME Candidates for the upcoming exams.
2. Conduct UTME Exams for JAMB
3. And render other JAMB services to candidates

Requirements to Become an Accredited JAMB CBT Centre

Here are the requirement you should fulfill in order to be accredited as an official JAMB CBT Centre;

1. 250 functional Desktop Computer systems or laptops with 10% (i.e 25) backups.

2. Provision of individual cubicle with minimum length of 26 inches, breadth of 18 inches and height of 18 inches and appropriate seat for each system.

3. Minimum 15 inches flat screen Computer monitor for desktop or 17 inches for laptop.

4. The computer systems must be connected to a robust computer server with a capacity to carry 250 systems concurrently.

5. All the computer systems must be linked together on Cable Local Area Network topology (LAN). (Wireless Computer connection is not allowed).

6. Adequate security and minimum of five (5) technical personnel and one network engineer

7. Availability of back-up power supply (power generating set of minimum 40kva for a centre with 250 systems; 60 kva for 350 systems and 100kva for above 350 systems) and UPS/inverters that can carry all systems for a minimum of two (2) hours.

8. The centre must be adequately fenced.

9. Provision must be made for a holding room or reception facility e.g canopy with chairs, etc.

10. The centre must not be in shared premises such as cinema hall, shopping mall, market, etc.

11. Availability of adequate and functional air-conditioners and lighting.

12. Provision of up to date Antivirus and all the systems must be virus free.

13. Minimum of Windows 7 or higher version of windows operating system.

14. IP Camera (CCTV) is compulsory for all CBT centers (Specification to be given by JAMB).

The setup of the computer systems should be such that it has adequate privacy for each student in a box-like setup. For a sample of the JAMB CBT centre, please check the image attached to this post.

Once your centre meets the above requirement, then you can visit the nearest JAMB office in your state of location to get an inspection date and further get accredited.

Whether or not you get accredited, you shouldn’t just sit back, you can also become a CBT training centre, away from JAMB and make money doing that too. Most UTME candidates are searching for training centres where they can go and learn what the JAMB CBT Exam feels like.

In that case, Youthloaded Limited can help you setup a training centre by using the CBT practice software. It is easy to setup and can be done in 3 days. To become a training centre and agent, read more by visiting; how to become a CBT Training Centre/Agent

Please let us know if you require any additional information by posting your issues using the comment box provided below this page. Our agents/staff will try as much as possible to provide you with solutions.