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Yaremi lost her husband and became a subject of hate,suspicion and abuse.she is a courageous woman.Alone in herf world,Yaremi had to put up with agony of the loss of her beloved husband face the hatred of suspicious neighours and fight the challenges of village conventions and customs that reduced the widowhood to a kind of imprisonment.She also stood gallantly against the decision of the village elders to ostracise her and confiscate her husband’s property for her refusal to remarry as dictated by tradition.She is influential and defiant.She is also hardworking and through this medium she gradually becomes a force to reckon with in Kufi community.She is also a generous woman.Even though she is a widow,Yaremi had enough means to meet her needs and share with those in neded .She is proud and self opinionated.She was hated by most men in Kufi kingdom because he turned their hands down in marriage.She i8s very neat and hardworking woman.

Identity is developed mostly in the scenes where Bigger prepares to face his death in the electric chair. In these final moments, Bigger must struggle to “come to terms” with what he has done and what he has become. In this regard, Bigger’s identity crisis is more of a struggle to separate his own impressions from the projections of the racist society around him. Even as Bigger must accept responsibility for his crimes, he faces the complex task of asserting his own worth even as he can’t ignore his crime. When Bigger is involved in the process of asserting his own worth, he finds that he is in a trap because he has been unable to act upon all of the dreams that he has. Bigger wants to define himself as an aviator or even as the leader of his gang, but these are all ultimately false. One important thing to note is that Wright’s treatment of the identity theme resembles the philosophies expounded in several existentialist works. In particular, the prison scenes toward the end of the novel are intended to hearken back to the works of Wright’s favorite writer, Dostoevsky. Particularly after his rejection of established religion, Bigger has the existentialist burden of searching for meaning in life without the traditional support systems offered by the church or other social structures. By the end of Native Son, it seems that Bigger is one man who is doomed to fight against the machinery of a hostile world.


Mary Dalton: She is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Dalton.As an only child,her parents treasure her and invest heavily in her comfort and education.Mary is a progressive.Her communist ideas are at variance with her conservative background.To compound her parents worry she keeps a communist lover in the person of Jan.She is friendly with everyone without regard to the colour of their skin.Her attempts to interact with bigger as an individual without regards to the societal restrictions between black man and white woman sparks all series of actions that culminates in her death.It is ironic that she died in the hands of the same person she showed uncommon affection.Bigger takes her and Jan out for fun.They return home drunk.Bigger helps her to the bedroom but accidentally kills her while trying to prevent her from exposing his presence in the room.