Nabteb 2016 Geography Essay and Obj & Theory Answer Now Available -MAY/JUNE

geography obj:
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Rural settlement:
-It is relatively small area with socially homogenous people to know one another
-It could be linear dispersed or nucleated
-They have people with the same cultural background and languages
-They are made up of few buildings
-They have people ranging from one family to few hundreds
Urban settlement:
-It is relatively larger densely populated with socially heterogenous people who do not know one another well
-It is ususally nucleated
-They have people with different cultural backgrounds and different languages
-They are made up of many buildings
-They have thousands of people
-Slow rate of development
-Inadequate social ammenities
-Low agricultural production
-Inadequate infrastructures
-Loss of farm labour6a)
-Shortage of raw materials:lack of sufficient raw materials available to industries hinder large scale production
-Insufficient capital:Access to finance or loan is very difficult
-Political instability:frequent changes in government discourages foreign investors
-Inadquate power supply:There are frequent disruptions of power supply in industrial areas and many areas do not even have power supply at all
-Poor quality of industrial labour:Nigeria has a large pool of illiterate population that provides personnel for our industries
-Provision of raw materials
-Provision of loans by government
-Stable government
-Provision of adequate power supply
-Acquisition of skills

Location:Western part of Nigeria around Ondo,Oyo,Osun state
-High hills present
-They have big and important mountain such as Idanre hills and also source for some rivers
-Barriers to communication
-Prevent human habitation
-Mountains promote soil erosion

International Trades also known as Foreign trade can be defined as the exchange of capital, goods,
and services b/w two or more countries or two people from a different countries. In most countries, it represents a
significant share of gross domestic product
(GDP). e.g Nigeria And Uk
-Provision and new products:New products that have been unavailable in Nigeria are provided
-Provision of employment:Jobs are provided through activities involved in the exportation and importation of goods and services
-It fosters international trade:International cooperation is fostered between Nigeria and nations involved in international trade
-Generation of revenue:It helps Nigeria government generates revenue from import and export duties imposed on commodities involved in iternational trade
-Provision of foreign exchange:Through international trade,countries like Nigeria get foreign exchange from the sales or export of their goods to another
– Increase sales and profits
– Stabilize seasonal market fluctuations
– Enhance potential for expansion of business
– Maintain cost competitiveness in market