Rotation of the earth can be defined as the movement of the earh round the sun on its axis



-Day and Night

-Deflection of w!nds and ocean current

-Apparent sunrise and sunset

-Time differences from place to place

-Daily rising and falling of the tide



-Day and Night:As the earth rotates only one part of the earth’s surface facing the sun experiences daylight while the other part of the sun backing the sun will experience darkness

-Apparent sunrise and sunset:During rotation of the earth part of the earth that emerges from the darkness into the rays of the sun experiences sunrise while the part that is moving away from the sun rays to darkness will experience sunset

-Time differences from place to place:The earth rotates through 360 degrees in every 24 hours which means that for every one hour it passes through 15 degrees.Since earth moves from west to east it means that for every 15 degrees the east is always one hour ahead of time while the west is always one hour behind



-Igneous rock

-Sedimentary rock

-Metamorphic rock



-Igneous rocks are crystalline in structure

-They are resistant to erosion and other elements of climate www.youthloaded.com.ng

-Sedimentary rocks determine the availability and supply of underground water

-They determine the quality of the soil nutrients



-Raw materials for industrie-Source of food nutrients

-Formation of soil

-Tourist centres

-Source of minerals

-Construction purpose



Earthquakes can be defined as the sudden movements or vibrations in the earht crust.They occur as a result of disturbance within and below the earth crust


-It occur as a result of disturbance within and below the earth crust

-The development of faults in the crust which result from the collision between the tectonic plate

-The movement of molten rock below or within the crust or the sudden release of stress which has slowly built up along the plane



-Earthquakes cause death of people and animals in places where its occurs

-They also cause the destruction of buildings,roads,bridges,railways and telecommunication

-They also displace parts of the earth crust either vertically or laterally

-They also lower or raise the coastal rocks

-They can also raise or lower parts of the ocean floor



Soil erosion can be defined as a process whereby the top soil is gradually removed that is transported away by erosional agents such as water,w!nd and ice




-Bush burning


-Cultivating along the slope

-Excessive rainfall/w!nd


-Soil erosion causes the removal of top fertile soil meant for crop cultivation

-it causes loss of farmlands

-It causes loss of lives and properties

-It leads to damage of roads and railway lines



-Afforestation:This is the planting of trees to control erosion

-Controlled grazing:Few animals should be allowed to graze on an area to avoid soil erosion

-Contour ploughing:This is the making of ridges across the slope to to control erosion

-Cover cropping:This is the planting of legumes to cover the soil to prevent erosion