Following the approach of the University of Ilorin POST-UTME which is carried out on a CBT platform consisting of 50 QUESTIONS based on ENGLISH, MATHEMATICS, BIOLOGY, GENERAL KNOWLEDGE irrespective of your choice course the following information will be absolutely vital in your preparation and are obtained from personal experience.

1.Whose image is on the 5naira note?
2.Who is the CEO of Facebook
3.Who is the father of Microsoft
4.What is the state whose capital is Benin city?
5.The word IQ means
6.Solve for (25/4)^1/2
7.what is the equivalent for Cos60°
8.what is the function of arteries
9.Which blood vessel is deeply situated?
10.The final year students of Engineering will be ________on Tuesday
a.matriculating b.graduating c.convocating d.inaugurating
11.A ______of keys
a.bunch b.comb c.fleet
12. A group of sentence is called ____
a.morpheme b.paragraph c.word d.article
13. What is the smallest unit of language?
14. The plural of gravel is….,..
15. who is the author of things fall apart?
16. How many monothongs are there in English?
17.who is the Father of cell biology?
18. what cell has no nucleus and has affinity for oxygen?

Questions can also come from
1. angle of elevation and depression
2. Fraction and percentage
4. Circulatory system
5. Transport system
6. Types of sentences
7. Essay and types
9. Simple interest of speech and their function