Ability to verify specification conformance and condition status.
Ability to maintain appropriate records, inventories, etc.
Ability to communicate orally and in writing and to follow instructions in
Ability to maintain effective relationships with co-workers.
Ability to assign and review work of others.


i.planning :This is the first step in setting up an enterprise. The planning process involves:Scanning for the best suitable idea,Selection of the product line Etc

ii.organization:An entrepreneur co-ordinates, assembles and supervises other factors of production – land, labour and capital during the promotion and performance stage for optimum utilization of resources.

iii.Decision-making:As a decision maker, an entrepreneur takes various decisions regarding the following matters:Determining the objectives of the business enterprise,Procurement of machinery, material, men, etc

iv. Management:This involves the operations of the venture and managing of day-to-day activities. It involves direction of men, machine, material and other resources.

v.Risk bearing:An entrepreneur undertakes the responsibility for loss that may arise due to un foreseen circumstances in the future.


i.Advertising:Laws pertaining to marketing and advertising set in motion by the Federal Trade Commission exist to protect consumers and keep companies honest about their products, according to Business

ii.Employment and Labor:Among the ever-changing regulations in business are employment laws. These laws pertain to minimum wages, benefits, safety and health compliance, work for non-country. citizens, working conditions, equal opportunity employment, and privacy regulations–and cover the largest area of subjects of all the business regulations

iii.Environmental:The carbon footprint of businesses on the environment is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency alongside state agencies.

Sensitive information is usually collected from employees and customers during hiring and business transactions, and privacy laws prevent businesses from disclosing this information freely.

v.Safety and Health:The Safety and Health Act to ensures that employers provide safe and sanitary work environments through frequent inspections and a grading scale.