the play as a tragedy in the lives of owu woman, as the play opens, there
has been a tragic consequences of the seven-years siege laid at the gates
of wou city by her enemies-allied forces of ijebu,ife and oyos.there has
been massive destruction of the property of the people as well as the
environment .A smouldering over the “proud of owu reduced to ruin
the lives of owu people has been decimated,especially,not a single male is
left except those who escaped the night before crisis with king akinjobi
was those who later rounded up were slaughtered too.the play is a personal
tragedy because certain individual take the brunt of the tragic
ruination.the oba akinjobi family,seems to have been the most affected as
individuals.not only the family head were killed,his five sons,two
daughters and a grand son are killed in the cold blood.the wife,erelu
suffers before the conquest of owu kingdom
at the communal level,apart from the instruction of the entire community of
owu an city city was set on fire,cultural sites and religious groves,horns
and communal those have been trampled upon .women are aped and later
distributed out.the entire breath of the play is tragic.the sadness and
despair .series of abomination were committed-that is people were passing
into shrines and killed right there.Erelu says’they have their own esisu.
on us all the time

i.Themes satire  of the aristocracy:this the ridicule of the manners and tendencies object of their play is primarily entertainment or creation of humours.therefore the mostly through the lences of characterization.lady bracknell provides a perfect example of the abridgement of the upper class values which are held up to ridicule in the play the most important one in the play is the factors considered before marriage which is allowed in the upperclass,this is why she initially,opposes the engagement of gwondolen to jack and cocily to algernm.
Lady bracknell is not the only character from the upper class in the play gwondolen and cecily with their lover,exhibit a ludicrous altitude toward marriage.
Ii. Theme of Triviality:another dominant the triviality,treatment given to marriage in the play shows gross irreverence for their highly placed social institution for the genesis of the play the devaluation of marriage is unmistakably clear.lane
Says,he believes it is a pleasant state he has very little experience of as a result of a misunderstanding between myself and a young person
iii.theme of marriage:this theme also dominate the play.algemm describe marriage to means the end of freedom and pleasure.he gives notice that every man should satiate himself with pleasure and freedom before getting married to him he say ‘a man who marries without knowing bunbury has very tedious time of it’

NON AFRICA POETRY:Upon An Honest man future
the poem is essentially arbor the element of undesirability of soothsaying  bath from the prospective of the soothsayer and individual patronizing
their service
The poet reminds us of some of the power with which soothsayers are used to be endowed which includes the directions or operations of the elements as the soothsayers are unable to do what they think they can,the poet exposes them as liars,challenging them to his own fate.the poet says that they lack the knowledge to which they make presence and that they do not deserve anyone’s patronage
“then say your worst my star,like me,unworthy of a name”
the poet further tell of undesirability of soothsaying “man is his own star, and the soil that can render…”that mean man’s fate in his own land and nobody can determine of.what man need is to have a positive future and been in charge then all other things will fall in place at their appointed time.the poet charge us that man does not need soothsaying once he trust in G0d and no reason not to trust G0d considering the numerous farmer he has bestowed in man.he guider man gives knowledge,make man in his image and breathed “his spirit”into his blood,  that gives evident that man does not need soothsaying.

Poetic devices
i.alliteration:in the poem,boy on a swing the poet make once of an initial consonant sound to add rhythm to the poem
-‘to and fro,to and fro(‘f’ and ‘t’ aliterate)
-‘faster and faster ‘ (‘f’ alliterate)
-‘billows in the breeze'(‘b’ alliterate)
-world Nhwls by'(W alliterate)
ii.Hyperbole-over statement or an exaggeration is used in the poem there are imposible situation that the boy cosider as if it can be possible despite the facts that the poet grained the knowledge and briny him of dilemma e.g
“East become West
North turns to south
The four cardinal point meet—”
iii.Personification:the use human qualities are bestowed on non-human beings in the poem,the poet endown and describe a world as human whe he say
“the world whirls by”
the world here is a non human.also the poet describe of the movement of east and west and north and south as if they can movd 24hours eg a “east become west —” this shuns the boy’s non chalant attitude Attitude in the curve of his awareness
iv. Simile:when use,two ideas are brought together and connected through the use of ‘like’ and ‘as’.to the poem.boy on swing,the poet (boy) compare the state of the boy being poor like that of destroy kite the poet say
“His blue shirt billow in the breeze like tattered kite”.