Meet the Astros fan who nearly had a Jeffrey Maier momentMeet the Astros fan who nearly had a Jeffrey Maier moment
Carson Riley, the Astros fan who caught Carlos Correa’s home run.

HOUSTON — Carson Riley has never ever been aware of Jeffrey Maier , however his name might be stated with Maier’s for a long time to come .

Carlos Correa’s fourth-inning home run that gave the Astros a 1-0 lead over the Yankees was hit almost directly at the 12-year-old from Liberty Hill , Texas .

With right fielder Aaron Judge trying to go back to make the catch , the ball went just over the fence and bounced off Riley’s glove .

After a review , replays showed the ball did clear the right field fence — unlike Derek Jeter’s famous homer against the Orioles , when Maier , also 12 at the time , and sitting in right field with a glove- reached over the wall at Yankee Stadium in Game 1 of the 1996 ALCS .That ball was also ruled a homer that tied the game and helped the Yankees advance to the World Series .

Asked what he was thinking as the ball approached , Riley said : “I tried to catch it .”

But even he was worried about the outcome .

“I thought I reached over ,” Riley said .

Riley said Judge nodded at him after the play , while Astros’ fans around him told him , “Good job .”

It was the fifth ball Riley collected on Saturday — including one from Judge just before the inning started , when the right fielder tossed it to Riley , who was sitting in the front row .