MATHS 11th March

* 2x(a-3b)(2b-y)
* 1/5 (in a right angled..)
* 3/5 (a bag contains…)
* 120 (t varies jointly…)
* x<6
* 37degree
* 36 (d distribution of scores..)
* {2,10,14,22,26}
* 4y+3x-18=0
* 3.75
* 7 (if y = x2-3x..)
* 2.8×10-3
* [14 8] [7 7] * 720 mins
* 2/3 (simplify…)
* 2/5 (the table above..)
* 1 (find d value of k if y-1..)
* 2y-3x)(y-6x)
* 4 (find d mode of d distri…)
* 53degree
* 13/9
* k+w/t^2
* 7!
* XnYnZ^1
* 16 (if d end points of one side..)
* 1/4 (w varies inversely as t..)
* 4 (determine the max value..)
* -12 cos (-4x)
* 2.5m
* 5 (find d median)
* 6 (if |-x +12|..)
* 1.6532
* -4, 1
* 10_/3cm
* 80degree
* 1000base 3
* 43cm
* (1 3)
(0 1)
* 20 (solv for the value of x, if..)
* 2 (the mean of 2-t,4+t..)
* -1/2cos 2x+k
* 20 (x is inversely..)
* 2x+1/2x^-1/2
* 8
* _/2+1
* a semicircle
* -2 (find the value of…)
* x<4



-make profits but not necessarily efficient
-different historical background
-stronger than that of the centre
-serve the need of local areas
-south africa
-1999 constitution
-derivation, equality and even development
-absolute majority system
-clifford constitution
-indefinite adjournment
-succession is hereditary
-warrant chiefs
-absolute monarchy
-struggle against apartheid
-governor general
-poor state of her economy
-ability of a state to exercise control over its territory
-south africa
-the post of chairman, joint chiefs of staff was created
-quickly accomodates new ideas
-removal of racial discrimination in the civil service
-south africa
-enhance even development in the country
-priority is given to the offer of the people
-organization of petroleum exporting countries
-auxiliary class
-justice akinola aguda

CRK 11th March

*the humble
*doing good to those who hate them
*strike the rock
*mount carmel
*he had never eaten anything unclean
*overcome such wrong with good
*they were terrified
*sat upon the stone
*works of the spirit
*promise of the restoration of all Jeremiah’s family
*the crossing of the Jordan
*dead in Christ
*also forgive
*he was asked to name all the animals
*peter, john and james
*thirty years
*those in authority
*cast into the fiery furnace
*dead in Christ
*Hebrew midwives
*joy over a sinner who repents
*find Him
*He sent Him back to Pilate
*both their parents were honourable people
*pure in heart
*the blind man
*treating the offering of the LORD with contempt
*God promised to take away the kingdom from him
*told them that one of them would betray Him

ECONOMICS 11th March

-eliminate trade restrictions
-utility is measured term
-government savings
-improve the level of production
-discourage the rural-urban migration
-the price of the commodity
-Saving gas
-average utility
-an increase in supply
-marginal productivity is falling
-raising aggregate demand
-cut-throat competition
-less than estimated expenditure for a given financial year
-poverty reduction
-perfectly elastic
-joint supply
-subsistence farming
-lowering the price
-maximum price
-rewards to factors of production
-employment opportunities in oil sector
-protect the local petroleum industry
-the MPC will rise
-to ensure equitable distribution of nations wealth
-bureaucratic bottleneck
-rise in the inflationary rate
-cosumer income
-a perfect market
-opportunity cost
-inversely with the price
-discourages investment
-all forms of manufaturing
-a commercial bank
-producing and distributing petroleum products
-nostre general well being of consumers


*speech can only be used for special purposes
*subject to intellectual capability
*a good writer strikes a balance between speech and written sentence
*equality obliterates differences and variations….
*protection from all human rights abuses
*all men possess the right to equal political affiliations
*ensures socio-political and legal equality for every citizen
*the members were engaged in charity works
*he felt ashamed for leaving his brother behind
*was a friendly and likeable person
*Efua was so attractive and boys always became eager to talk to her
*a doctor
*he listened to the distant sound of the buses
*miss novi’s act of kindness to the boy who fainted
*she was a maid
*definitely changed Jimi’s life
* childish
* falsified his father’s signature and stole a lot of money
*mr solade
*Ali has gone and will not come back
*desire to lift the reputation of his school
*he is always willing to play wit her
*she was surprised when she saw Bola
*we knew from Ada’s facial expression that she was the offender
*you trusted her with your money but ought not to
*he loves a calm setting
*the guard was definitely negligent
*all my friend did was to drink fanta at the party
*he was received into the law profession
*aversion to
*an objective
*icy cold water
*running time
*must have
*quite so big as
*badly dented political image
*has he
*had not had
*genuinely sorry for the
*didn’t he
*how many times does the poor lady eat
*does his son live in Kwali now?
*did Amina serve a delicious dinner yesterday?


-twenty five years
-aloho dies
-APC yakubu
-a good man
-the duke
-the location
-mr and mrs dalton
-a former wants to save his neck
-misplace priority
-role play
-prosaic structure
-a lyric
-men are equal in death
-appeasin the earth



-minimum price
-federal ministry of finance
-individual funding of business activities
-nigeria produces cocoa more cheaply than ghana
-improvements in infrastructure
-marginal utility of a commodity is equal to the price paid for it
-law of diminishing marginal utility
-over capacity utilization
-range and variance
-increase the consumption of garri
-diversification of the economy
-over dependence on foreign products
-level of technology
-personal income,disposable income and transfer earnings
-transactionary and precautionary motives
-elastic supply
-embarking on irrigation farming
-marginal cost
-composite demand
– achieving self sufficiency in food production
-language barrier
-an indifference curve
-overdependence on the oil sector
-technological development
-a change in the quantity supplied
-reducing demands for imported goods
-estimate per capita income
-adequate knowledge of existing prices
-prime cost
-unitarily elastic
-availability of substitutes
-private and individual organizations
-risk associated with the loan
-depression in the economy
-diminishing returns has set in
-scarcity of resources
-demand pull inflation
-the price of the commodity
-corruption and political instability
-low per capital income
-net migration
-economic boom

MATHS 10th March (PART 1)

* 2y-3x)(y-6x)
* 2.8 x 10- 3
* 16 (if d end points of one..)
* 2 (if y^x=81…)
* 0 (a binary operation…)
* -1/2cos2x+k
* 43cm
* 720
* 3x-4y+18=0
* 3/2
* a semicircle
* 8 (how many sides has a regular…135degree)
* 18/13
* -4<x<-1
* 5 (find d median)
* 10years
* 73
* {2,6,18}
* 6 (if x+1 is a factor…)
* [14 8] [7 7] * 6 (the scores of ten…)
* 2.1
* {2, 10, 14, 22, 26}
* #59 000
* 2
* 37degree
* 4 [value of y=3x^2-x^3] * 3 years
* 1 [value k if y] * 1/4
* 2/5
* 1/5
* {5, 7}
* 2+root3
* circle with that fixed point as center
* (1 3)
(0 1)
* 12x^2 -4x +1
* -2
* 90degree
* 0.65
* 3/5
* 4y +3x -18 = 0
* 5!/2!3!
* 30
* 720mins
* 212base3
* 22
* 10root3cm
* -4, 1
* 80degree

CRK 10th March (PART I)

-Augustus caesar
-hilkiah the priest
-his hair was shaved
-they were cast into the burning fiery furnace
-the raising of lazarus
-be baptised
-entered into marriage with foreing women
-he received bad news about Jerusalem
-leadership of the church
-the blind man
-when peter revealed who he is
-elijah had caused drought and famine for three years
-the sin of manasseh
-followed after other gods
-the spirit of GOD came mightily upon him
-we should surrender all for the kingdom’s sake
-of moses delayed at mount sinai
-God blessed them abundantly
-we should surrender all for the kingdom’s sake
-the unfading crown of glory
-rise again on the last day
-the wise men
-an earthquake
-educate him
-bear witness
-naaman’s leprosy cleaved to him
-did not distroy those who oppose him
-the high priest
-they were acting outside the will of God
-the sons of God went into the daughters of men and they bore children
-waves of the sea
-he wanted to teach them patience and perseverance
-he will fall away when tribulation and presecution arise
-inherit the earth
-the seraphm touched his lips with a burning coal
-to preach the gospel to the gentiles
-beloved brother
-test her sincerity


-an honourable
-an excessive
-a firm
-an anxious
-however tired you are
-a school with meagre resources
-lots of things that
-could be
-two- day
-a mighty
-were they
-used to.waking up.early
-a pleasant friendly disposition
-the compliment with
-anyone else
-where did kunle see the snake?
-where did laraba run to?
-when was sanada there?
-the creature has a bad attribute
-he took no notice of what was happening
-she did not believe that her appointment had been terminated
-they dont have a sense of belonging
-toriola chose a strategg that was not extreme in the office
-a believable
-an unfaithful
-an honourable
-an excessive
-a firm
-an anxious
-however tired you are
-a school with meagre resources
-lots of things that
-could be
-two- day
-a mighty
-were they
-used to.waking up.early
-a pleasant friendly disposition
-the compliment with
-anyone else
-where did kunle see the snake?
-where did laraba run to?
-when was sanada there?


* absolute majority system
* constituency
* federal government
* permanent secretary
* civil service commission
* effective mechanisms for enforcing its decisions
* sani abacha
* national board for technical education
* political
* caswly hayford
* right to vote
* whose government decisions are made independent of foreign interference
* oligarchy
* yakubu gowon
* the prime minister
* the US, the USSR, and China
* permanet secretary
* political interferance
* emphasis on community feelings and togetherness
* 1963 constitution
* adjudication
* justice akinola aguda
* common language
* high commissioners
* lome
* manifestoes
* constituent assembly
* john payne jackson
* presidential system of government
* in the people
* anomic pressure groups
* assisted the liberation struggle in southern africa
* supreme military council
* gave too much powers to executive
* existence of a centralized system of administration in the area
* foreigners of good character
* colonialism
* accountability
* pay his tax
* charismatic
* easterN
* assented to by the president
* close ties with britain
* desire for peace and stability in west africa
* election of candidates by oyo mesi
* chief-in-council
* togo
* party ideology
* commonwealth

ECONOMICS 9th March:

-the price of the commodity
-contradictionary fiscal policy
-prohibitive customary beliefs
-an increase in the equilibrium price and a decrease in the equilibrium quantity
-range and variance
-land tenure system
-forces of demand and supply
-sustained increase in the output of goods and services per head
-regulates production and consumption
-an increase in supply
-sales tax
-buyer and seller
-the value of exports exceeds the value of imports
-regulates agricultural produce prices to achieve income stability
-large deposit of crude oil
-money market
-dividing total cost by the total output
-capital market
-central bank
-an increase in quantity supplied
-mixed economy
-cost of training
-bring about effective use of members foreign reserves
-change in income and change in consumption
-low income level
-alternative forgone to produce the good
-an increase in quantity supplied
-technical economics of scale
-barter system
-transportation services
-increase in the rate of capital formation
-differences in available natural resources


CHEMISTRY 9th March:

*partially filled d-orbital
*angle H and T angle S
*pentyl ethanoate
*purple to colourless
*branched chain alkanes
*fractional distillation
*5 [value of X] *[H2O^2/[H2]^2[O2] *angular
*boyle’s law
*fused CaCl2
*trioxosulphate(IV) ion
*remains unchanged
*highly saturated
*2, 2, 3-trimethypentanoic acid
*CnH2n+1^X [where X represents the halide] *CnH2n+2
*sulphur(IV) oxide
*oxygen and carbon(IV) oxide
*alkanals are oxidized to alkanoic acids while alkanones are not
*activated complex
*partially filled d-orbitals for bond formation
*a precipitate of sulpur
*double decomposition
*concentrated NaCl
*turn blue litmus paper to red
*1s2 2s2 2p6
*two electrons in an atom cannot have the same four quantum numbers
*it is a halogen

PHYSICS 9th March:

-decrease with time
-12000 J
-thick with high expansivity
-remain the same
-static friction
-dark shadows of transparent object
-short and narrow bore
-primary cells
-white light
-they have very long life span if carefully handled
-intrinsic semiconductors
-electric flux on a straight current carrying conductor
-the momentum change of each molecule on collision increase
-non polarized
-the photoelectric effect
-random motion
-silvered walls
-sin^-1, 5/7
-the potential difference across each resistance is the same



* 2.5×10^2
* 30%
* 10_/3cm
* 38 tonnes
* 2x(a-3b)(2b-y)
* 15/28
* -7
* 3 (if 4^x+3/16^2x-3=1, find x)
* 1 (the binary operation…)
* {1,3 0,1}
* -2 (find value of ..)
* 2x+1/2x^_1/2
* 20°
* 80°
* 36
* 4-_/6
* 1/3
* _/6
* y=3x+2
* 120degree
* 9.0%
* 20
* 360degree
* a semi circle
* 9 (the sum of d first n terms…)
* x+1>_0,y+x<_0,y-x>_0
* 1234base 4
* {0457] * 4 pie cm
* 48degree
* 4x+2y=5
* 24 (find numbr of committee…)
* 1.43
* -6<_x<_3
* 4whole number 2/3
* 5,4
* [7,9,11,12,13,15] * 6 (x varies directly…)
*-5 (find the value of x)
* 28
* 1/3
* 4 (determine the max value of y=…)
* -4,1
* 12 (hw many sides has regular…150degree)
* 6 (the scores of ten students…)
* 187
* 9 (find the slope of the curve…)
* 20 (the distribution above…
* 8 (hw many sides has a regular…1350degree)
* -12cos(-4x)


ENGLISH 9th March


-all nations adopt the peaceful approach


-the approach to employ in conflict management depends on the state of affairs


-language and culture are interwoven

-it promotes understanding within the group

-the language of instruction is ideally ones own language

-our native language is as important as the world around us












-he smiled sheepishly


-unite against bullying of the eldest brother



-friendly and likeable person


-ss3 students


-always ready to punish offenders


-jumping into a nearby bush



-he would support d club

-try nt to become sad and hopeless

-they cntrolld d capital mre strictly

-my brother and i havent seen d movie

-his actions were seriously rejectd

-he wasnt given d car because his father cmplaind

-he was nt invited and so he did nt attend

-he is one of those that live in a distant and underdevelopd area

-the lecture is an opportunity to travel to damascus

-she cannot change d way thngs happen

















-someone who holds onto his ideas

-come off



-dropped out of



-doesn’t she


-an old big brown bag


-for a while now

-will she






-cut back on


-ran off












-is the house painted blue

-did ade obtain a loan from a church

-what did we fetch for her

LITERATURE (8th March)

– Mass Communication
– Rogues Are At The Helm Of Affairs
– Two Point Two Million Naira
– Cocaine
– Drug Peddling
– Lago
– Personification
– Lago
– An Egyptian Charmer
– Cassio
– Rural Life
– Sixteen Years
– Loved
– Euphemism
– Yaremi
– Carpenter
– Oxymoron
– Smothering
– Delton And Bigger
– Drinks
– Furious
– Does Not Want To Be Mourned
– Descriptive
– What We Do Is What Shall Be Done
– Anxiety
– Tradition
– Ababb
– Metaphor
– The God Of Nature
– Agonizing
– Free Verse
– Aesthetics

ENGLISH (8th March)

-it looks like a large object in a copper pipe
-a large and complex solar heater
-result in a leaking system
-the more delicate our choices are the greater the chances of disappointment
-constant occurrence
-our circumstances dictate how we live
-is one of the essentials in life
-advancement of women and children
-a peacemaker
-jimi and ansa
-only knew how to paint
-mr solades outburst
-giving inaccurate passes
-he was publicly punished
-strategically located at the centre of the school
-nigerian sensation
-efua standing up for him when he had not done the same
-efua admiration of lots of girls
-it was a typical boys room
-they were shocked
-achieve her set goals
-they were killed by friendly fire
-they are completely different from each other
-they are clearly not coming
-he likes olu very much
-he gas a very line character
-they breathed out a long sound
-he is always happy to make olu angry
-he achieves more success
-it made a sudden movement
-she meet amina during the time of production
-susceptible to
-with shock
-twice as much as
-is being
-ran off
-many dirty
-doesn’t she
-a great health-care crisis
-the tallest
-looked on
-had gone
-long-lost healing skills
-Who prepared a delicious dinner
-Does the man work in Lagos
-what does the rich man do twice in a day

* 2.00
* angleP/angleQ
* the price of the commodity
* prohibitive customary beliefs
* an increase in the equilibrium price and a decrease in the equilibrium quantity
* 45.0%
* 4 [from the table, calculate the median] * range and variance
* land tenure system
* forces of demand and supply
* contractionary fiscal policy
* sustained increase in the output of goods and services per head
* regulates production and consumption
* an increase in supply
* sales tax
* buyer and seller
* the value of exports exceeds the value of imports
* regulate agricultural produce prices to achieve income stability
* commercialization
* socialism
* large deposite of crude oil
* a money market
* dividing total cost by the total output
* #1039.50
* capital market
* #2
* central bank
* an increase in quantity supplied
* mixed economy
* cost of training
* mono-economy
* bring about effective use of members’ foreign reserves
* elasticity
* zero
* substitutes
* change in income and change in consumption
* #150.00
* 22.00
* low income level
* 4.0%
* alternative forgon to produce the good
* an increase in quantity supplied
* technical economics of scale
* oligopoly
* barter market
* transportation services
* mode
* increase in the rate of capital formation
* differences in available natural resources

GOVERNMENT 8th March(6.30am-2.30pm)



-devolution of powers



-technical assistance for member states

-aguiyi ironsi

-the liberation committee


-ibrahim babangida





-ladipo solanke

-ensures stability





-only one part is legally allowed


-liman ciroma



-professional pressure group

-ensure efficient service delivery

-the people were not used to centralised leadership

-legislatlegislative oversight

-order in council

-national interest

-three years

-liberation of the southern africa

-transparent electoral body

-cultural diversity


-aborigines rights protection society


-political authority

-the privy council in london was the last court of appeal

-promotion of regional security

-property tax

-NCNC and AG

-security council

-bureau for public enterprises


-the family


[14 8] [7 7] 4
half shaded PQR middle
[1 3] [0 -1] {2,10,14,22,26}
16square units
a semicircle
4 2/3
720 mins
2.5 m



ENGLISH 8th March(6.30am-2.30pm)

-the man appeared to be showing interest in her by his prolonged eye contact
-eye movement is the most potent means of expressing intimacy
-lack of uniformity in eye behaviour and the variability of contact situation
-shifty eyes are equally induced by innocence and guilt
-even among strangers, attitudes and purposes can be deduced from eye behaviour
-meat and leaves
-maintenance of close family ties
-chimpanzees are carnivorous and gregarious
-eat termites in season
-had become rude and unruly
-during the mid-term dinner
-felt she was snobbish
-the school needed her mother’s support
-her participation in the christmas concert
-punish jimi for the wrong doings
-miss novi
-she was suprised
-he thought jimi was a lucky boy
-he ran into a teco of policemen
-had become rude and unruly
-during the mid-term dinner
-felt she was snobbish
-the school needed her mother’s support
-her participation in the christmas concert
-punish jimi for the wrong doings
-miss novi
-she was suprised
-he thought jimi was a lucky boy
-he ran into a teco of policemen
-he ran into a team of policemen
-distracted by a band playing on the field
-her admission into the senior class was unusual
-he was a small wiry man with odd accent
-i should stop paying attention to what is most important
-the robber was surrounded by the people
-he is grumpy
-they are barely surviving
-the amount available may be Inadequate for projected expenditure
-the woman may be arrested for allowing her children to be a nuisance to the neighbours
-he had a hard decision to make
-it would never be possible for her to pass
-olu gave his brother a difficult time
-adeola should not go to the farm today if he so wishes
-an orignal
-a reduced
-sewed up
-have been
-flowers of ours
-as well
-to and fro
-wanted/had been
-who went to abuja by air?
-what did my mother buy yesterday?
-is musa passing through enugu?

PHYSICS 8th March(6.30am-2.30pm)

*Z only
*increase the number of turns
*A 300hn resistor to it parallel
*it can be use for marking permanent magnet
*commutator and brushes
*the level of water remains unchange
*the steam is at a higher temperature than the water
*the atmosphere absorbs the sun energy at night
*photoelectric effect
*II and IV (vector quantities)
*vernier callipers
*pie degree/2
* losses potential energy and gains kinetic energy
*at infinity
*I,II,III and IV (kinetic theory)
*I and II only (pressure dependent)
*fall below the liquid level if d liquid does not wet d glass
*rotational and oscillatory motion
*period of vibration of d particles of d medium

chemistry 8th March(6.30am-2.30pm)

* MnO2
* 18
* 0.900g
* the presense of mobile electrons
* 10.88g
* boric acid
* +3
* frequency of collision of the reactants increases
* K
* I2
* brittleness and hardness
* Na2O2
* 0.056
* NH3
* blue to pink
* ethoxyethene
* decantation
* the action of dilute acid on a trioxocarbonate (IV)
* negligible
* crystallization
* M
* CaO
* ls2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p2
* 0.30
* methane
* prolongs the life of the filament
* unsaturated
* 4-hydroxyle-2-methylpentanal
* C5H18O3
* C10H22
* -196 kjmol^-1
* octane
* electrovalent
* C4H10
* a neutron
* greater than bond-forming energies
* a temperature and higher grade petrol is obtained
* zinc readily dissolves in it
* impurities
* moisture from the atmosphere without dissolving in it
* 1:2
* an increase in the value of equillibrium constant and greater products yield
* petrol
* have high melting points
* zinc
* the electrolyte becomes more acidic
* potassium tetraoxomanganate(VII)
* Mg(OH)NO3
* the reduction in the amount of dissolved osygen
* 10.0 moldm^-3

BIOLOGY 8th March(6.30am-2.30pm)

* piliferous layer
* I
* mutualism
* tilapia fish
* locomotion
* mammals
* evolution
* induces milk production in pregnant women
* paranecium
* I and IV only
* androecium
* hawks
* pollination
* liver
* phloem
* retina
* birds
* albinism
* amoeba, paramecium and chlamydominas
* population size
* they have developed excretory system
* tsetsefly
* cholera
* cell membrane
* a tissue
* on decomposing materials
* carbon (IV) oxide and water
* cerebrum
* warning colouration
* meningococous sp
* spirogyra
* morphological variation
* translocation
* life span or pattern of growth
* malphigian tubules
* sieve tubes and companion cells
* dog
* altitude
* desert
* allelomorphs
* 50:50
* commensalism
* pulp cavity
* lung books
* tropical rainforest
* smallpox
* nucleus
* giraffe
* kwara state
* shark


– chief
– arresting the minister and his cohorts
– Aloho
– chief
– Ayo
– metaphor
– suicide
– crete
– lago
– there is no proof
– fofo
– night
– first person
– once by this wife
– solidarty
– smothering
– personification
– Bigger’s mother
– night
– death
– culture
– relationship between God and nature
– hunting
– repetition
– auditory
– conflict
– narrative
– suspense
– litotes
– setting
– style
– didactic
– theatre of the absurd
– personification

* 10 [how many students are in class] * 3 [what is the modal score?] * 12cm [lenth of pie…] * 8cm
* 60%
* 7(pie/3 + 4)cm
* cum
* -58/27
* -10-root35
* -3 [fine the minimum…] * 100
* 120cm^3
* y >_ -x+3
* 30degree
* 7 [evaluate LOGbase3 27 + logbase3 81] * 24 [a cinema hall..] * #14100
* 12x(2x^2-4)^2
* x^2/3 + x + k
* 8
* 3 years
* 2.7
* 12.5%
* 7!
* x < 3
* 14
* 120degree [from the diagram..] * 6 [if log2q + logbase2 16 = 10] * semisircle
* 58degree
* 7 [from the table above. Find the median] * 8 [evaluate logbase2 128..] * 80degree
* 720degree
* 1.2 [find the product of 2.5 and 0.46] * 1/3
* 122base4
* 7!/3!4!
* 2x – 1
* 17
* 6(3x+2)
* 2x(a – 3b)(2b-y)
* 8x + 4/x^2
* 16 [find the sum of infinty of the following… 8+4+2+1+..] * x > -8
* 4 [p varies directly as the cube…] * 11 men
* 2 [sum of 3x, x+2 and 3x is 14…] * 13 [mean of 6, x, 8 and 5 is 8,..] * 2 [if y = 2x + 3 is parallel..]


6:30AM TO 2:30PM

he was just a man
he was asked to multiply and fill the earth
pray for
first day of the week
ceasarea philippi
sole dependence on God
there was evil in the land
the humble
his respect for saul
keep themselves poor
marriage to foreign women
community living
buy the holy spirit with money
Egptian midwives
speak to the rock
joy over a sinner who repents
those in authority
thirty years
his commissioning service
poorest people
dead in christ
find peace with all men
son of God
they were terrified
the law was binding on him also
in the temple of GOD
jezebel’s introduction of idol worship
treating the offering of the lord
grace given to them
stipulation of the demands of new Government
They bear more fruits

-isoquant is tangent to the isovost
-downward sloping
-ordinary shareholders
-efficiency in pricing and distribution of the products
-scarcity of resources
-indifference map
-industrial activities
-long-term financial instruments
-scarcity, choice, scale of prererence and opportunity cost
-demand and supply forces
-devalue a country’s currency
-the forces of demand and supply
-price mechanism
-price to be constant
-MP = 0
-level of income
-shares are easily transferred
-a contraction of employment in service industries
-credit facilities to farmers
-over dependence on oil
-have a very strong capital base
-cost of production
-reaches a minimum
-generate revenue
-distribute income equitably
-low level of standard of living
-raw materials
-lower level of industrial development
-ineffective use of stabilization measures
-few sellers
-money market
-%change in quantity supplied/%change in price
-the level of savings
-increasing bank lending rate
-a decrease in price and an increase in quantity
-an increase in equilibrium price and a decrease in equilibrium quantity

6:30AM TO 2:30PM Government

– economic dependence


– restraining order

– introduction of presidential system

– 1967

– National youth service corps

– absolute monarchy

– age

– 1963 constitution

– fix and allocate production quotas to member nations

– best citizens rule

– israel

– indirect election

– naturalization

– presidential system

– liberia


– indirect rule

– there is a separate election for the executive and the legislature

– Sarkin Ruwa

– prevents many members from defection

– president

– conceived by the military

– charismatic

– have similar interest

– hierarchy

– NRC and SDP

– suspend the constitution

– Historical record

– signing of treaties

– protect her domestic

– absolute power

– clifford constitution

– refer findings to appropriate authorities


– Britain

– Alaafin

– a money bill

– presidential

– 1979 constitution

– council of ministers

– charismatic authority

– separation of power

– 1976

– private ownership


-group 1
-[H2O]2/[H2]2[O2] -hydrogen bonding in hydrogen fluoride
– +2081 Jmol-1
-an increase in the bacterial population which reduces the level of oxygen in the water
-concentrated solution of NaCl
-2 (numbr of isomers in…)
-a solution of borax in water
-Concentrated H2SO4
-682 K
-an alkyne
– +5
-decrease in pressure
-Butanoic acid
-increase in nuclear charge
-pure copper plate
-maintain the solution at a constant pH
-sodium trioxosilicate (IV)
-soft solder
-raw materials for the cracking process
-charles law
-partially filled d orbital for bond formation
-Q will form electrovalent bond with S
-less than hydration energy
-SO2, CO and NO2
-3 (questn is abt struc. isomers)
-optical isomerism
-dry the gas


-the level of savings
-indifference curve is tangential to the budget line
-excess demand
-efficiency in pricing and distribution of the products
-ac is lowest
-inadequacy of infrastructural facilities
-shares are easily transfered
-isoquant is tangent to the isocost curve
-a decrease in the quantity demanded
-it widen inequitable gap
-long term financial instruments
-discount rate
-an increase in economic output
-the marginal cost curve is equal to the marginal revenue curve
-decrease in the population
-decrease in population
-an increase in the rate of productivity growth
-perfectly inelastic
-increase in the quality supply
-process them into finished goods
-per capita income
-dual exchange rate system
-use of goods and services
-members are the owners
-the use of crude implements in farming process
-total utility depends on the quality of the commodities consumed
-the mean and standard deviation
-ease of diversification of production
-mixed economy
-composite supply
-few buyers
-Setting up local industries to produce goods formerly import
-an increase in equilibrium price and quality
-AC is lowest


-Aloho’s death
-change is inevitable
-justice odili
-the evil of soalously
-othello is a meer soldier
-trading on the street brings weath knees
-after her husband’s death
-loneliness of women
-the way of life of the negroes
-love and respect
-her visual inpairment
-third person
-a class room
-an lolard
-unable to blend the two cutters and elegy
-aloing out of colandt
-Men are equal


CRK  March

-driven out of the city
-are forgiven by God
-cheerful and willing
-proclaiming liberty to isreal through the messiah
-receive the inheritance as their reward
-by the sea of galilee
-the widow had faith
-communal living
-loving God
-were of a stubborn heart
-cry againrt their wickedness
-a pillar of cloud and a pillar of fire
-direct access to God through christ
-was not interested in their sacrifice
-practice of worshipping the golden calf
-lowliness of mind
-shedding of innocent blood
-He appealed to the king of Babylon to allow the exiles return home
-The vindication of Yahweh as the true God
-negligence of widows and orphans
-true worship of him
-become sons of it
-hiding from God
-they would nov root up the wheat along with weeds
-maltreated the Hebrews
-he had defiled himself by unrestrained association with Gentiles
-resurrection of the dead in Christ
-there was no need for animal sacrifice anymore
-Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah
-of persecution


-national unity and cohesion will be enhanced through an indigenous national language
-the colonial language
-superior to african languages
-have made little or no attempt to promote the local language
-africans and FESTAC colloquium
-the man appeared to be showing interest in her prolonged eye contact
-eye behaviour is one of the non verbal ways of communicating
-shifty eyes are equally induced by innocence and guilt
-hold sway
-jumping into a nearby bush
-unite against the bullying of the eldest brother
-always ready to punish offenders
-ss3 students
-he was whistling
-giving inaccurate passes
-a peacemaker
-he smiled sheepishly
-it was a typical boys room
-she would be accepted by all as a beauty queen
-she was successful i the exam
-she was advised to stay calm
-she is excited about motherhood
-she expressed it clearly and strongly
-you need to improve your skills
-he needs to organise himself
-he is possesive
-the teams performance was full of disappointment
-they are very clise to each other
-a tolerant
-an accurate
-a painless death
-lay off
-step by step
-had returned
-having been
-would have known
-an attractive carved wooden
-no less/than
-if i was tired
-had left
-what did my mother buy yesterday
-is musa passing through enugu
-who went to abuja by air

MATHS  March

– 4x(x2+2)
– 2.6
– -1whole 1/4
– how many sides has d polygon (Ans 7)
– 5-2_/6
– 720degree
– -2<x<3
– 2x^3/3-x/2+k
– …when x is (Ans -1)
– 7/5
– find F when g = 5 (Ans 30)
– 8x+3/x^2
– 3x-2
– 100degree
– x<6
– 5 (frequency questn)
– 25 (questn is find mode)
– 76
– 4.8
– 7 (question is log327+log..81)
– 114cm2
– 15(5x-3)^2
– 126degree
– 2.5
– 4.37×10^-4
– 50 (questn is how many studnt offered both..)
– 5 (questn is find a2b2+2a+2b)
– 40degree
– semicircle
– 10.92
– 8 (questn find d mean 8,7,4,..)
– -2,2
– 140degree( questn on pie chart)
– 5 (freq table, find value of x)
– 2 (find variance of 4,3,6..7)
– 17 (venn diagram questn)
– 60degree (questn DRYM=120, find x)
– 1x3n-1
– 1 (questn d sum of 4x+2x+2 is 9,find x)
– 0.537
– 43cm
– 5/6
– -4 (question is find value of k)
– 8 (question on bar chat)
– x+2
– 98degree
– 0
– 3 (questn is if 2x+2,3-x and…)
– 3 (questn is wats modal score)
– 15 (hw many stndnts ar in cl..)


-four times that of the second
-photoelectric effect
-it can be used for making permanent magnets
-at low pressure
-infinity to the point
-earth radiates heat to the atmosphere at night
-a virtual diminished image is formed
-a transformer
-steam brings heat more easily by convection
-charles law
-image points up up
-300 w
-heat capacity
-the level of water remains unchanged
-dispersion occurs
-3.50 cm
– fall bellow the liquid level if the liquid wet the glass
-an angle greater than the critical angle
-making the core of soft iron to reduce hystereris loss
-are good conductors of heat

GOVT  March

* unitary
* parliamentary
* full political right
* igbo
* de-facto sovereighty
* Togo
* dictatorship
* manifestoes
* partipant, parochial & evaluative
* civil right
* allowed africans to maintain their traditional form of govt
* executive director
* 1993 election
* king
* delegated legislature
* charismatic
* use of traditional rulers
* supreme court
* nations formerly under british empire
* 1963 constitution
* is not easy to manipulate bill
* derivation, equality & even development
* persistent implementation of law
* africa
* lagos
* british
* league of nation
* 1976 local govt reform
* aristocracy
* coercive authority
* oyomesi & ogboni
* d rise of nationalism
* lobby
* prevent tyranny & abuse of power
* britain
* influence legislation 4 d benefit of members
* emphasis on community feelings & togetherness
* convention
* promote world peace
* security
* enhance accountability in public

Pls scroll down for ur answers)

Hello jambiteS. The format which your answers will
be sent to you tomorrow will differ from the way
the questions will appear on your jamb screen. All
you have to do study the answers we sent to you
and select the answers where eva it appear.

In biology our number 1 answer might be (A)
CELL. and CELL might appear in your question 30
or so. All u need to do is look for cell where eva it
appears and tick.


-address current international developments…
-it requires special procedure to amend
-obedience to the laws of the land
-Non-proliferation Treaty
-political neutrality
-vast economic resources
-major General Joseph Garba
-is flexible and uncertain
-state house of assembly
-direct democracy
-Akwa Ibom and Kogi
-provide alternatives
-lack of commitment by member states
-The British
-separation of powers
-implementation of policies
-General Assembly
-Hegemonic considerations
-legislative cooperation
-murtala/obasanjo regime
-the making of a new constitution
-the first reading
-electoral commissions
-checks and balances
-legitimate authority
-agitate for nigeria’s independent
-respect for the sovereign equality of member state
-Richard’s constitution
-provide services at subsidized rate
-the multiplicity of official language
-Welfare of the nation
-promulgate and enforce bye-lawbye-law


-first senator
-a good suitor
-a snake charmer
-Mr and Mrs Daltor

-cell wall
-development of secondary sexual characters in males
-i and ii
-trypanosoma gambierve
-composite fruit
-low blood pressure
-sexual method
-delta state
-ability to increase in size
-lost of water cell
-carnivorous birds
-secondary cosumer
-acacia and gum arabic
-has no true root, leaf and stem
-B oraffected persons
-rough endoplasmic reticulum
-guard cell
-gaseous exchange
-aneroid barometer
-atmospheric pressure

-Ca(HCO3)2 and Mg(HCO3)2 Salt
-27,33 and 27
-rare gases
-convert chemical wastes to harmless substances before releasing them into the environment
-cm emulsion
-rate of reaction
-the valence electrons of the elements increase progressively across the period
-an exothermic reaction
– .-2081jmol^-1
-highly saturated
-CO and H2
-the equilibrium position will shift to the left
-the constituents of a compound are chemically bound together while those of a mixture are not
-0 to +2
-calcium ion
– 3-bromo-2-chlorobutanol
-partially filled the d-orbital
-it is a halogen
-heat of reaction
-dry the gas
-maintain the solution at a constant pH
-of its high reactivity
– CnH2n+1X
-diesel oil


– 75N
– covalent
– vacuum
– 9.6A
– fusion
– 250Hz
– the centre of curvature
– 60cm
– 9:2
– 0.1s
– 45m
– 500J
– 15cm
– copper sulphate solution
– 47.2m
– 10cm (focal length of d eye..)
– 275.0s
– 3000Jk-1K-1
– pressure of the gas
– eyeball is too long
– evaporation
– 1500N
– trivalent atom
– infinity to the point
– alcohol-in glass thermometer
– radio waves
– both momentum and energy
– proton
– 4uf
– 1.5 x 10 minus 14N
– experience an acceleration
– 600W
– tensile stress
– 8 x 10 ^4N
– are good conductors of heat
– q/4π€or
– increasing
– vapour is saturated
– 12.75eV
– At low pressure and high voltage
– 250Vm-1
– 0.50A
– F1+F2+F3 = 0
– 22.5degree C
– commutator and brushes
– 0.20m3
– P – Q
– 84N
– 5.0A


– price to be constant
-%∆in qty supplied/%∆in price
-consumers have perfect knowledge of the price
-over dependce on oil-
– 32
-long term financial instruments
-level of income
-proximity of raw material
-few seller s
-curb inflation
+efficiency in pricing and distribution
-medium of exchange
-MC rising
-to reduce imports
-mechanized farming
-it has operational confidentiality
+demand-pull inflation
-slopes downwards
-scarcity of resources
– organ is ng training and development
-distribute income equitably.
-the level of savings
-birth rate and death rate
-perfectly elastic
-production possibility curve
-the invisible hand
-oil marketing and prospecting
-more by producers
-artificial scarcity
-low domestic gas utilization
-dual exchange rate system
-domestic production
-efficient allocation of resources
-take over markets
-ineffective use of stabilization measures
-output will be constant

MATHS  March

– The variance of…(Ans 3.75)
– 1.6532
– 1/4
– _/2-1
– 37degree
– {2,10,14,22,26}
– 0.6
– find d median(Ans 5)
– -4,1
– 2x(a-3b)(2b-y)
– 1100base3
– 2.5m
– simplify (Ans 2/3)
– find d area of d sqr (Ans 16)
– 7!
– the mean of 2-t,4+t (Ans 2)
– 2x+1/2x^-1/2
– find d value of… (Ans -2)
– 43cm
– -1/2cos2x+k
– 4y+3x-18=0
– (1 3)
(0 1)
– find d product of d modal(Ans 36)
– solve for value of x,..(Ans 20)
– find dy/dx (Ans 7)
– XnYnZ^1
– find the value of k (Ans 1)
– 13/9
– probability white ball(Ans 3/5)
– k+w/t^2
– what is cos0-sin0 (Ans 1/5)
– find mode (Ans 4)
– x<4
– regular polygon at 135 (Ans 8)
– determin max value…(Ans 4)
– probab of obtainin 4 (Ans 2/5)
– -12cos(-4x)
– solv inequality(Ans x<6)
– 80degree
– 2y-3x(y-6x)
– 720mins
– if…find x (Ans 6)
– 2.8×10^-3
– value of x (Ans 53degree)
– a semicircle
– 10_/3cm
– (14 8)
(7 7)


-coachem and grooms adaptable to the new technology
-by 1910 the motor car became a common sight on the highway
-people no longer use trains with the advent of cars and lorries
-the volume and speed of traffic on the roads increased with the advent of cars,the motorcycles and lorries
-to make conjectures about what happened after death
-a glimpse into the world of death
-he has to assess his deeds in life
-his new body would not allow him to participate
-the mans system finally colapsed
– mistakes
-always ready to punish offenders
-he smiled sheepishly
-jumping into a nearby bush
-ss3 student
-he was whistling
-friendly and likeable person
-unite against bullying of the eldest brother
-he had a hard decision to make
-he took a risk by doing something illegal
– we are both in trouble because you lost your temper
-they are barely surviving
-when he goes to london,he will see the queen
-adeola should not go to farm today
-audu is arrogant despite his simple upbringing
-the have very great admiration for his
-aisha was not concerntrating
-olu was reprimanded for arguing with his principal
-half hearted
-an assertive
-a promising
-meditate on
-the problem was
-into their own hands
-a dozen with eggs
-are they
-someone else’s
-women occupants
-what did lambasa do?
-where is the bed?
-what is adamu leaving behind


(1 )weather conditions

(2 )11

(3 )MR = MC

(4 )a change in supply

(5 )200

(6 ) structural

(7 )a progressive tax

( 12

(9 )practicing mechanized farming

(10 ) the availability of raw materials

(11 ) output per head is at its highest point

(12 ) diminishing marginal utility

(13 ) P = AVC

(14 ) industrial activities

(15 ) exporting large quantities of raw materials

(16 ) a movement along the same demand curve

(17 ) an increase in demand

(1 reduce rural- urban migration

(19 ) net doestic product plus depreciation

(20 ) fluctuation

(21 ) eliminating foreign participation in the economy

(22 ) profit

(23 ) marginal revenue

(24 ) N 2

(25 ) fall in the general price level

(26 ) rice

(27 ) charge higher prices

(2 revenue generation

(29 ) planned economy

(30 ) an elastic supply curve

(31 ) the activities of middlemen

(32 ) N 8000

(33 ) increasing produciton of quality goods for exports

(34 ) 8 .0 %

(35 ) economic devlopment

(36 ) monopolistic competition

(37 ) high level of umemployment

(3 indiffence map

(39 ) N 200

(40 ) limited liability company

(41 ) an increase in the economic output

(42 ) the price mechanism

(43 ) firms should not maximaze profits in the sale of their


(44 ) complementary demand

(45 ) the absence of transportation cost

(46 ) the reserve requirements

(47 ) available technical know – how

(4 MR = MC

(49 ) 16

(50 ) 30



1 – He was troubled

2 – the killing of God’ s prophets

3 – Jairus

4 – being just & righteous

5 – all those who believe

6 – the Pharisees asked Him to rebuke His disciples

7 – wash their garments & be consecrated

8 – leaves the sheep & flees at the sight of danger

9 – contest on Mount Carmel

10 – heal & cleanse sins

11 – asleep

12 – he was filled with God’ s word

13 – neglect of God for other gods

14 – Sin

15 – are hard hearted against Jesus Christ

16 – Asa

17 – Jesus, as a Galilean was under Herod ’ s jurisdiction

18 – Artaxerxes

19 – the Amelekites had raided Ziklag

20 – Samaritan

21 – have been brought from death to life

22 – judgement of the prostitute ’ s child

23 – depict their righteousness

24 – discovery of the book of Law

25 – centurion

26 – he submitted to God’ s guidance

27 – killing of an Egyptian who fought with a Hebrew

28 – Ananias & Sapphira

29 – Nebuchadnezzar

30 – heard the

sound of music

31 – demanded to know who people thought He was

32 – 99 years

33 – the cost of discipleship

34 – conscience

35 – they were on their way to Emmaus

36 – Faith

37 – took the form of man

38 – Isaiah (holy, holy holy is …)

39 – Families

40 – the same spirit

41 – flee from Jesusalem

42 – his release from prison

43 – the earth would pass away

44 – the slave can complete his

45 – Jeremiah (prophesied hope for Israel )

46 – Thessalonica

47 – His divine nature

48 – the gift of the spirit

49 – Nineveh

50 – doom



1 protect the integrity of the association

2 copyright

3 visible imports exceed visible exports

4 persuasive advertising

5 rivalry

6 dormant partner

7 means of settlement

8 hardware

9 commerce

10 N 7500

11 competitive advertising

12 control of the flow of goods in and out of the country

13 N 24000

14 transportation system

15 cover for importers against risks

16 communication

17 departmental store

18 business reply service

19 oral & written

20 downloading

21 whoever

presents it gets paid

22 consumerism

23 retailing

24 market segmentation

25 frustration

26 a credit transfer system of payment

27 production of goods and services that satisfy human needs

28 file transfer protocol

29 terms of trade

30 government

31 scarcity

32 natural resources

33 planning

34 unskilled labour

35 central processing unit

36 segmentation

37 increases

38 the legal backing

39 print media advertising

40 core benefit

41 input , processor and output units

42 functional structure

43 breach

44 involves the use of different currencies

45 industrial waste

46 manufacturing activity

47 draw less of his profit for personal use

48 Chambers of commerce

49 Market skimming

50 an advice

-eradication of apartheid
-private ownership
-separation of power
-1979 constitution
-professional pressure group
-intro of republican form of govt
-conceived by d military
-a private member bill
-prevent many members frm defection
-truly non-aligned
-direct rule
-warrant chiefs
-yakubu gowon
-is flexible & uncertain
-16 countries
-new york
-27 members
-indirect election
-1963 constitution
-south africa
-diff historical background
-make laws
-have similar interest
-federal system
-first reading
-suspend d constitution
-council of ministers
-a common history & custom
-dagogo jack
-prosecute offenders


-spiny leaves
-increasing dehydration
-lack of roughages
-prevent algal growth in culture solution
-large surface area
-leaves of spine
-receptor cells — sensory neurones— motor — effector
-differential blood pressure in the glomerulus and bowmans capsule
-an ecosystem
-carbon II oxide
-grasping prey
-protein synthesis
-new variation are produced in the offspring
-hooked beak and sharp claws
-they are found only inside living organisms
-calcium compounds
-bush burning
-can exist independently
-food chain
-contractile vacuole
-pelvic girdle
– the number of men in d hall(Ans 24)
-max value of y=3×2-x3(Ans 4)
-mean of d distribution(Ans 3)
-x+1>0,y+x<0, y-x>0
– (1 3)
(0 1)
– -4,1
-find d value of x(Ans 20)
-find d slope of d curve(Ans 9)
-2x+1/2 x^-1/2
– -1whole no 19/60
-find d value of k if y..(Ans 1)
– probability dat d sum of..(Ans 1/3)
-what is cos0-sin0?(Ans 1/5)
-find d value of n(Ans 7)
-find d number of comittees(Ans 24)
-find d numbr of terms..(Ans 9)
-a semicircle
– -6<x<-3
-if 9power 2x-1/27powrx+1,find d value of x(Ans 5)
– -12cos(-4x)
– solve for x(Ans 10)
-x varies directly prop…(Ans 6)
-The range of 4,3,11…(Ans 24)
– find d value of x (Ans -5)


picture and sound
-wide and specialized audiences
-the art of film making
-its content
-security purposes
-formidable sentinel
-an exploration into science and technology
-signals from atleast four satelite
-he thought jimi was a lucky boy
-he listened to the distance sound of the buses
-punish jimi for u
-she was surprised
-during the mid night dinn
– childish
-definately change jimmys life
-mr solade
-his mother
-the principal open commendation of result
-had become rude and unruly
-miss novi act of kindness to the boy win fainted
-if completely lost his property
-the condition are now favourable
-the team came late
-he expresses the opinions of the association
-audu said he was not given enough gift
-the creature has a bad attribute
-he took no notice of what was happening
-she did not believe that her appointment had been terminated
-they dont have a sense of belonging
-toriola chose a strategg that was not extreme in the office
-a believable
-an unfaithful
-an honourable
-an excessive
-a firm
-an anxious
-however tired you are
-a school with meagre resources
-lots of things that
-could be
-two- day
-a mighty
-were they
-used to.waking up.early
-a pleasant friendly disposition
-the compliment with
-anyone else
-where did kunle see the snake?
-where did laraba run to?
-when was sanada there?
-electromagnetic wave
-alpha particle
-an increase go the area of the plate
-steel, solenoid,dc
-thermal capacity
-nickel, steel, iron
-increased by a factor of 2
-a pendulum bob
-increase wit the tension in the string
-small size
-half wavelenght
-i and ii
-standing wave
– 2333ms^-1
-fv sin tita
-radiant energy
– a man climbing up a staircase
-henry and ohm
-a recticfier
-lower than that of the container

Maths answers 1
-2x^3/3 – 2x + k
-2/3(1/3x + 6)
-1.36 x 10^-2
-3sinx + 3xcosx
-(18 + 9pie/5)cm
-2x^2 +4/x^2
-2pie cm
-6x^2 + 12x +6
-3 x 3^n-2
-225 litres
-9x^2 + 4x +3
– -1=<-1, x>=4
– -cosX – 5X^3/3 + K
-4/5, -1
-80 degrees
-cummulative frequency table
-40MATH 2
1. 212three
2. 6
3. 10yrs
4. 2/5
5. {5,7}
6. 2
7. 43cm
8.  circle with that fixed point as center
9. [5 3] [2 1] 10.
11. 80degrees
12. 0
13. 2.65
14. 30
15. #59000
16.  1
17. -4<_x<_4
18. 16
19. A semicircle
20. -1/2cos2x+k
21. 3x-4y+18=0
22. 2
23. -2
24. 2.1
25. 22
26. 6
27. 73
28. -4,2
29. 2+root3
30. 10root3 cm
31. 18/13
32. 3/2
33. 90degrees
34. 720mins
35. 5!/2!3!
36. 2y-3x)(y-6x)
37. 720
38. 1/5
39. (1 3)
(0 -1)
40. {2,3,4,6,8,9}
41. 8
42. -6
43. 89degrees
44. 4y+3x-18=0
45. 5
46. 3/5
47. 3yrs
48. 1/4
49. 12x^2-4x+1
50. {2,10,14,22,26}MATH 31 -12 (or polygon havn 150deg)2 – x>43 – (2,10,14,22,26)4 – 2y-3x)(y-6x)5 – 12 (x varies directly….)6 – 3457 – 6 (if x+1 is a factor)8 – 1879 – 10squa3cm10 – 3611 – 7!12 – x<-813 – –

12cos (-4x)

14 – 42/3

15 – 4piecm

16 – 4- root6

17 – (2 1 -1 -2)

18 – 2x+1/2x-1/2

19 – x+y

20 – 34 tonnes

21 – root 6

22 – 3/2 (finding d gradient P(5,6) and Q (3,3) 23 – 9.0%

24 – 10 (regular polygon sides wit 1350)

25 – 5 (finding median)

26 – 20cm

27 – 1/5

28 – 80%

29 – -1/4cos4x+c

30 – -2 31 – 1 (for binary operation)

32 – 1232base4

33 – 7 (for y= x2-3x+4…)

34 – 6 (for scores of ten studnt..)

35 – -4

36 – -3 (for gradient of (x,4)and (1,2)…) 37 – 28 (for 110001base2-x10)

38 – 16 (for distribution table of ages

39 – 4whole numbr 1 over 3

40 – 37.5

41 – 30% (for percentage loss)

42 – 7 (for log10(x-3) + log10(x-2)…) 43 – 2.5*10power 2

44 – 1/6 (two fair dies are….)

45 – {7,9,11,12,13,15}

46 – 720

47 – -4,2

48 – 3/4 (a card is pickd at random…)

49 – 120degree (for circe theorem)

50 – 3 (if 4x+3/16powr2x-3=1…)

Physics answers 1
7 Is double
6 I and iii
5 16/g
4 Rapid Evaporation
3 v/ms^1
2 be a straight line
1 concave lens
49 1.51ev
48 15cm
47 equal to the atmospheric pressure
46 f=m(v-u/t)
44 4.16
43 37.ON
42 pressure in liquids and gases
41 centripetal forces only
40 Electromagnetic Waves are transverse
39 Hot wire ammeter
38 White
37 atome of all elements are indentical
36 rectillinear propagation of light
35 1.330m
34 The rate of condensation is equal to that of vaporization
33 Lead acid accumulator
32 X
31 it will drop to zero
30 upthrust in the liquid to the upthrust in water
29 153•C
28 water waves
27 6.93*10^7s
26 gamma-ray
25 10S
24 15S
23 20 Cm
22 1200N
21 temperature of the liquid increases
18 voltage
17 infinte
16 specific heat capacity
15 temperature in the enclosure
14 evaporation
12 10
11 12HZ
10 telescope
9 Efficincy
8 40CM


-1.5 atoms s-1

-infinity to the point


-vernier callipers






-molecules of gases are in regular motion

-triangular glass prism with two convex lenses

– ->-> and ->->

XQ           XZ



-A transformer



-commutator and brushes

-electrical energy to mechanical energy

-start on the n-pole and end on   the s-pole



-increasing the number of turns

-at low pressure and high       voltage




-an angle greater than the critical angle

-dispersion occurs

-2.0 x 10^6Nm-2


-Alcohol in glass thermometer


-Specific heat capacity



-Intensity of radiation



-A virtual diminished image is formed

-A decrease in e.m.f

-Electric potential



-triple point


-sound production



– I,II,III, & IV
– 1mf
– 1.5s
– 90 degree
– 300 resistor is connected to it in series
– 12.18mm
– Reluctance to start moving if in a state of rest
– 6.93 x 10^7
– Radio wave
– A beta particle
Gravitional Potential
– 1.5 x 10^-5
– Hammering
– 7.2 x 10 ^ -4
– 5.3 x 10^7
– 7.60m/s
– M2U/M1 – M2
– 4 x 10^8
– Focal length of the eye is at infinity

7 Use and disuse
43 mammalia
50 spirogyra
36 liver of humans
23 Gene Lamarck
34 denitrifying Bacteria
6 maize grain
22 community
46 Housefly
32 I and IV
33 mouth-gills-operculum
24 charles darwin
49 perilymph
48 Trachea-Bronchi-brochioles-alveoli
47 Duck
5 Irritability
26 Hypertonic solution
38 The weight of the stomata pores
2 butterfly
37 kidney
27 escaping Detection
30 angiosperms and gymnosperms
39 Cross breeding
35 symboiosis
21 salmonella typhi
40 Gene
41 axile placentation
31 disperse the reproductives in order to eastablish new colonies
12 Incomplete dominance
9 Treponema pallidum
20 fission
19 affords protection from predation for the young fish
42 0.25
17 Termite and bee
11 systemic circulation
44 ceramics
13 reptiles
8 sepals
28 scare other males from the territory
15 poxvirus
1 Carbon (II) Oxide
16 Female anopheles mosquito
18 indiscriminate poaching
4 ethylene
3 hypotonic
45 rhizobium



2.pyruvic acid oxidized to alcohol




6.systematic circulation


8.large surface area

9.small and closely packed particles



12.appendages in insects


14.AB only

15. Mitochondrion

16. Soldiers

17. Flying erratically

18. They both have cell  wall

19. Haemoglobin

20. Desert

21. The brain and the spinal cord

22. Loop

23. rhizoid

24. Chromosomes arranged on spindle fibres during cell division

25. Simple

26. Spirogyra

27. Deep pit

28. Amoeba>eaithworm>paramecium>rabbit

29. Tide

30. Discontinuous variation

31. Cobalt, manganese, molybdenum,nitrogen

32. Water alone

33. Sexual

34. Rhizobium

35. Cholera

36. Denitrying bacteria

37. Goat

38. Root

39. Flowering plant

40. Pollen grain

41. Lipids and protein

42. Pancreas

43. It has the highest number of tall trees

44. Footprint

45. Biotic factors

46. Erythrocyte

47. Organic matters

48. Sepals

49. Zygotes are produced by cross fertilization

50. Remove excess water.


-well-developed roots and xylem issues
-tropical rainforest
-fats,carbohydrates and vitamins
-ability to grow long hair in females
-the clone is similar to but not exactly like the original organism
-vitamin B
-adrenal gland
-DNA analysis
-lung fish
-they are parasites of man
-glomerlus=>bownman’s capsule=>convuluted tubule=>henle loop=>collecting tube
-chlophyll and carotenoids
-mistletoe growing on an orange tree
-bicuspid valve
-ascobic acid
-none of its offspring will be born without tail
-distruptive coloration

Eng answers 1

– what does aisha play always?
-what can kanu play?
-where did I leave the bag?
-as patient a teacher
-a rather God as a gift
-up of
-a brand new Peugeot car
-an honorary
-dosen’t he
-for five minutes
-could they
-had believed
-sand and cement
-don’t you
-an instinct
-a reduced
-affection for
-sewed up
-she would be accepted by all as a beauty queen
-she is excited about motherhood
-she was successful in the examination
-they are very close to each other
-you need to improve your skills
-he is possessive
-the team’s performance was full of disappointment
-she was advised to stay calm
**-she expressed it clearly and strongly
-her admission into the senior class was unusual
-had become rude and unruly
-she was surprised
-he was small.wiry man with odd accent
-punish jimi for the wrong doings.
-he ran into a team of policemen
-he thought jimi was a lucky boy
-distracted by a band playing on the field
-felt she was snobbish
-during the Mid-Term dinner
-the principal’s open commendation of her results
-miss novi
-of her former principal’s recommendation
-man developed an awareness of right and wrong
-extensive killings of animals and fast disappearance of their favourable habitats
-man poses the greatest threat of nature
-the population growth rate will double before our death
– at variance
-total abstinence from drinking and smoking is a religious obligation
-somewhat interconnected
-more people appear to take to drinking and smoking

-Conflict are noted for facilitating opportunities
-All conflict management approaches can be applied in all situation
-Native language are difficult to use as language of instruction
-language & culture are interwoven
-Its promote understanding within the group
-Our native Language is as important as the world around us
-he was whistling
-He smiled sheepishly
-Always ready to punish offenders
-School perfect
-Humble & likeable person
-unity against the bulying of the eldest brother
-jumping into a nearby bush
-They control their capital more strictly
-His action were seriously rejected
-My brother & I haven’t Seen the movie
-He wasn’t givien the car cos his father complained
-she cannot changed the way things happend
-The lecturer is an xperience that change the way she think
-He is one of those that live in a distant & underdeveloped area
-he would support the club
-Try not become sad and hopeless
-He was not invited and so he did not attend
-someone who never drinks alcohol
-come off
-Would not have rushed into it
-Fell into
-Wasn’t he
-Types of program
-Stand-up for
-Bringing forth
-Does she
-Kept apart
-Who is a lawyer
-Is bukola’s aunt is a strict teacher
-Did she put the spoon on the chair ?

1) A lingua franca is the consequence of a standard dialect
(4)What does aisha play always
(5)What can kanu play
(6)Where did I leave the bag
(7)The phenomenon of accent
(8) They are made up of botj rural and urban dwellers
(10)The man’s system finally collapses
(11) A glimpse into the world of the dead
(12) To make conjectures about what happens after death
(14)His new ‘body’ would not allow him to participate
(15)He has to assess his deeds in life
(16)He was whistling
(17) Friendly and likeable person
(21)Unite against the bullying of the eldest brother
(22)Always ready to punish offenders
(25)Ss3 students
(26)Jumping into a nearby bush
(27)He smiled sheepishly
(29)He expected that the men would cooperate with him
(30)He was always chewing in the class
(31)He desires to assert his will in the situation
(32)Unless the trader paid in full his order would be rejected
(33)The rain fell,so we didn’t watch the match
(34) The crisis had suddenly begun
(35)The governo evaded all the questions
(36)When I go to england I could go to manchester
(37)The action they executed was their idea
(38)The job is exciting
(42) A timid
(43)A simple
(46) Retrenched
(48)A rugged
(49)Engrossed in
(50)Be intimidated
(59)Has existed/for
(65)But also
(68)Due to
(69)Might have been
(70)Hasn’t been
(71)Have you
(73)Paid off

-optical isomerism
-water and oxygen
-CH3CH2CHO and H2
-concentrated tetraoxosulphate VI acid
-stoves and cookers
-hexanedoic acid
-move at different speeds in the column
-hydroxyl and halo group
-bosch process
-condensation and hydrolysis
-tollens reagent
-they are members of the same homologous series
-increase in the value of the equilibrium constant
-0.50 moldm3
-random motion of particles increases from gas to solid
-enthapy change
-an exothermic reaction
-strong acid and strong base
-the valence electrons of the elements increase progressively across the period
-in making bicycle chains
-hydroxyl group
-calcium oxide
-x rays
-N2, CO and CO2
-an exothermic reaction


– angular

– bitumen

– highly saturated

– soft solder

– it is a halogen

– dH and TdS

– copper

– two electrons in an atom cannot have the same four quantum   numbers

– acidified CuSO4

– greater than their atomic radii

– C2H4

– Alkanals are oxidized to alkanoic acids while alkanones   are not

– 1s2 2s2 2p6

– composition of air cannot be represented by a chemical   formular

– 5

– CH3

– pentyl ethanoate

– boyles law

– double decomposition

– an emulsion

– remains unchanged

– CH3NH2

– pressure

– H20)2/(H2)2(O2)

– temperature

– calcium.ion

– 30156.3

– parmanent hardness of the water

– activated complex

– 2.5cm

– C2H6



– Cause coagulation

– 34.99dm^3

– Denser than air

– Purple to colourless

– Dry the gas

– 2,2,3-trimethylpentanoic acid

– Sublimation

– Aluminium oxide

– Lactic

– Hydrogen

– Fission

– Fe^3+

– 3.01*10^23

– Carbon(iv) oxide

– C7H16


-a decrease in oxygen content
-SO^2 4
-pyrogal solution
-high refractive index
-be slow
-increasing the size of the containing vessel
-molecular formula but different structural formula
-hydrogen sulphide
-22.4 dm^3
-good conductivity
-60 000 J
-glucose and fructose
-condensation and hydrolysis
-more than the blood-forming energies
-234 and 91
-calcium oxide
-200degree census -250degree census
-increased surface area
-37degree census
-helium atom
-C4 H8 04
-an oxidizing agent
-C4 H10

CHEMISTRY [PART II] 1.(C)ethanoic acid
9.(a)remain unchanged
12(C)heptane to propene
and butane
16(d)-42kj mol-1
17(d)hydrogen sulphide
19(d)fehling’s solution
22(a)are position diagonally to each
24(c)1 25(c)0 to +2
27(a)chlorine does not react with
31(c)a decrease in oxygen content
32(a)high refractive index
33(b)not occour
34(d)increasing the temperature
fructose and galactose
39(a)ethanol .
40(d)increase the desity of the gas
2.5moles dm-3
43(a)gives purer products
46(d)addition of trioxonitrate
49(b)40gNaOH in 100g of water
50(a)1,2 and 3

-0 TO +4