A man beat and shot his wife’s friend over a Facebook message.
The 22-year-old jealous husband of Florida, fought with another man and shot him in the leg after discovering that he exchanged Facebook messages with his wife.
Christopher Romoleroux pretended to be his wife so he can meet up with his wife’s schoolmate and beat him over the Facebook message. Romoleroux pretended to be his wife, Ludwika Duarte, to find out where her old friend, Clarence Autley, lived so he can confront him.
Duarte had not seen her schoolmate Autley for 6 years, when they began exchanging Facebook messages.
When Romoleroux saw the messages, he pretended to be his wife and set up a time to meet the man.
Autley was outside of an apartment in Pompano Beach, waiting for what he thought would be Duarte, but instead, her husband showed up.
“Why are you trying to get with my woman,” Romoleroux asked his wife’s friend before punching him and shooting him on the leg. Autley suffered a bloody lip, a broken bone, a cut on his forehead and a bullet wound in the leg.
Romoleroux drove off in his car, but was later arrested. He was charged with attempted second-degree murder and he is being held without bail.